Welcome to the world of pet skunks.  Skunks have been raised domestically for over 100 years.  First they were raised both as pets but mainly for their fur.    The fur would be dyed and labeled as "marten".  Once the truth in labeling laws came out, skunk fur fell out of favor (at least in the U.S.)  and then raising them for pets became more popular.  Just like with dogs and cats, once they started breeding them for pets, there because a need for a pet skunk rescue.  The Florida Skunk Rescue was started in 2004 by Judy Slade.  In the 15 years since the rescue was started we have rescued and rehomed over 300 skunks.  Skunks make a wonderful pet but are not the pet for everyone.  Just like any animal, they have their own little quirks like being curious and wanting to check out the contents of cabinets or removing the contents and taking over the cabinet as their den.  We recommend putting a magnetic lock on any cabinet you do not want your skunk in especially those with any chemicals or cleaning supplies.  Skunks do not chew wires like rabbits but can be trained to use a litter box like a cat.  They prefer their litter box to be placed in a corner of their choosing.  Instead of kitty litter use a puppy pad or old newspaper as kitty litter can cause urinary tract infections.