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ADOPTION APPLICATION: TO BE FILLED OUT BY ADULT, PLEASE. Only complete applications will be accepted. You will be contacted only if a suitable rescue is available. Placement is determined by application answers and phone interview. PLEASE NOTE: MANY SKUNKS DO NOT DO WELL IN HOMES WITH YOUNG CHILDREN. FOR THAT REASON, FLORIDA SKUNK RESCUE PREFERS TO PLACE RESCUES IN ADULT ONLY HOMES.

Name *
Email *
Phone *
Number and Street *
City *
State *
Zip Code *
Do you live in Florida? If not, please use the Contact Us form for information about adoption in your state. Skunks are not legal to own in all states. Please check with your local wildlife commission for updated info in your state. *
Why do you want a pet skunk? *
What information have you read about pet skunks? Be specific. List all sources, including ALL names of publications you have read, and websites you have visited. We cannot adopt a skunk to you without this information. DO NOT GENERALIZE, OR SIMPLY SAY "TO MANY TO LIST." APPLICATIONS WITHOUT SPECIFIC INFORMATION WILL BE DISCARDED. If you have not done any research, please do so before filling out this form. *
What types of pets do you currently have? *
How do you plan to house your skunk? *
What Vet will you use for your skunk? Be advised that all Vets do not see skunks. Please research the vets in your area to see which ones have studied about, and will treat skunks. *
What will you feed your skunk? *
What vitamins and minerals will you give your skunk? *
Do you have children living at home? If so, what are their ages? *
Florida Residents: Do you have a current Florida Class III Wildlife Permit, please state the permit number and expiration date. If not, is your application pending? *
Do you own your home, or do you rent? If you rent, has your landlord given you permission to have a skunk? *
Do you have sufficient financial resources should your skunk need spaying, neutering, or other Veterinary treatment? *